Action Service

You’re Never Alone!

Call us anytime - day or night. We’re staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with highly-trained professionals offering extensive customer support in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, German and Serbian.

We’ll let you know the status of any repairs and the expected time of completion so you can make plans to get your truck back on the road as soon as possible.

Arrow Action Service is available to any truck operator, no matter what brand of truck you drive. Service capability extends beyond the truck to the trailer and refrigeration unit. About the only thing we can’t fix is a speeding ticket.

What is Arrow Action Service?

Think of Arrow Action Service (AAS) as your personal concierge service – a helpful voice providing strategic solutions that enable you to meet your commercial obligations in the event of a breakdown. From locating a qualified service provider, to arranging hotel accommodations, we do everything possible to help you - and your load - reach your destination…ON TIME.

  Delivery Assurance
In the event of an equipment breakdown, your primary concern should be getting your load moving and delivered on time. Once we receive your call, we can not only arrange for necessary repairs, but also load-forwarding, enabling you to uphold your delivery commitment.
  Personal Assurance
Arrow Action Service is trained to handle any vehicle problem - whether the incident involves your tractor or trailer (including the refrigeration unit). From your initial call to the audit of the service invoice, we handle every detail, including repair payment through a credit card or Comcheck. AAS can also provide personal assistance such as booking hotel accommodations or making arrangements for a driver to return home in the event of an emergency.
  Uptime Assurance
When you request assistance, we identify the closest, most qualified service provider from our network of 20,000+ service providers across North America. These Preferred Vendors then invoice Arrow Action Service - eliminating delays that sometime occur while finances are being resolved. We get your vehicle back into service ASAP…and you get back on the road.
  Price Assurance
Arrow Action Service audits billing for all services provided to ensure that you’re charged the quoted parts and labor rates, thereby eliminating the possibility of being taken advantage of during an emergency situation.

Arrow Action Service Advantages

Arrow Action Service can handle all of your service needs for both power and trailing units. This includes repair, towing and tire services

Reduced Costs
AAS has established national purchasing accounts with suppliers and service providers to secure the lowest possible pricing. We will also identify any components or repairs that may be covered under some manufacturers’* warranties. Now that’s peace-of-mind.
Reduced Administrative Need
When Arrow Action Service handles a call for assistance, we can arrange for service providers, as well as handle initial payment for the services rendered. You will then receive a detailed invoice for all repair services once an approved form of payment is provided or on file with AAS.
Internet Access
AAS will provide you a web link that you can use to access your breakdown event via the internet. You can view updates and send messages back to AAS with comments and instructions.
Case Follow-Through
Because we are in constant communication with our service providers, we can provide you updates as they occur. No surprises regarding the status of the service in progress.
Minimized Downtime
When AAS orders service for your vehicle, rates have already been negotiated with our Preferred Vendors. As a result, you and your equipment will not be detained while finances are being resolved.
Low Cost Assurance
For just $44 per breakdown occurrence (plus any repair costs incurred); you receive peace-of-mind knowing that someone is working for you during an emergency situation.

For breakdown service, call 1-877-702-7769.

Call 800-311-7144 today to speak to an Arrow Truck Sales representative about Arrow Action Service.