Bridge The Gap To Peace of Mind with Guaranteed Asset Protection. Without it, you aren't fully covered.

Why Gap Protection?

For several months after you buy your truck, it will depreciate faster than you pay down your loan, creating a “gap” between the value of the truck and the loan balance. In the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft, your insurance company will most likely settle your claim based on the truck’s actual cash value or stated value, leaving you to deal with the “gap” or unpaid balance of your loan1.

Closing the Gap

Gap Protection covers the financial gap between your primary insurance company’s settlement on a total loss or unrecovered theft and the remaining balance of your loan. Gap Protection may also reimburse you for your primary insurance deductible up to $2,500.2

1 This information or brochure is not a contract. For a complete list of benefits and rules please request a copy of the Gap Waiver Election Form (or the Gap Certificate for loans in Texas). 2 Deductible coverage is available in most states. Check with your Arrow representative to learn whether deductible coverage will apply to your loan.

Benefits of Gap Protection

  • Gap Protection covers the gap between the Actual Cash Value of your truck or trailer and the remaining loan balance in the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft
  • Gap Protection covers your primary insurance deductible up to $2,500, where allowed by law
  • Coverage is available for trucks and trailers
  • Loans may be covered up to $85,000 and 60 months
  • Low monthly cost

Example of Gap Protection

  • Loan Term 60 months
  • Loan Amount $40,000
  • Loss Occurs 12 months
Insurance Settlement
  • (Actual cash value of vehicle) $29,600
  • Loan Balance$34,825
  • What You Still Owe $5,225
  • Potential Out-of-Pocket Expense $5,225
  • Gap Protection Payment to Lender $5,225
  • Your Net Cost $0

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