ConfidencePLUS™ 90-DAY/25,000-Mile Comprehensive Coverage…we’ve raised the bar on standard pre-owned truck warranties! Our limited comprehensive 90-Day / 25,000-mile coverage is standard on virtually every late-model truck we sell...all makes and models, heavy and medium-duty alike...your choice. You will not find this level of confidence at our competitors. We think you will agree.


A limited warranty for the first 90 days or 25,000 miles at no cost to you!
  No Deductible
If you have a covered failure within the first 3 months or 25,000 miles, there’s no out-of-pocket expense for you.
Expert reconditioning means you’re buying a quality truck from Arrow Truck Sales…and we stand behind it!

Comprehensive Coverage

When we say “comprehensive”, we mean it. This coverage protects you against some of the most costly breakdowns and associated repairs to your engine, transmission and rear ends. We cover components that our competitors would never consider covering like the fuel pump and injectors. In addition, on some models, we even cover the turbo, ECM and radiator. With soaring repair costs associated with today’s technologically-advanced truck components, rest assured knowing that when you buy from Arrow Truck Sales, we’ve got your back.

In addition, not only is there no up-front cost, there’s also no out-of-pocket deductible for a covered repair during the first 90 days or 25,000 miles that you own your truck.

Includes protection on the engine, transmission and rear ends. Our warranty also includes injectors and fuel pumps. On newer trucks, we also cover the transmission ECU, X-Y shifter, turbocharger, radiator and ECM module. You won’t find this kind of coverage on other standard warranty programs available in the industry!

90-Day/25,000-Mile “A” Warranty

  • Covers trucks 5 calendar years old and newer
  • Trucks under 500,000 miles: total cumulative coverage up to $10,000 during 90-day period
  • Trucks over 500,000 miles: total cumulative coverage up to $5,000 during 90-day period

“A” Coverage also INCLUDES:

  • Radiator
  • Turbochargers

90-Day/25,000 Mile “B” Warranty

  • Trucks under 750,000 miles
  • Covers trucks 8 calendar years old
  • Total cumulative coverage up to $5,000 during 90-day period

Contact your Arrow Truck Sales consultant for more information.

This limited warranty* includes component protection on engine, transmission, rear ends, injectors, fuel pump and more. *This limited warranty is in effect for the first 90 days or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.